Nissan Juke N-Style Nismo

It’s no secret that the Nissan Juke is a polarizing vehicle. It’s either you completely adore its quirky looks, or you loathe the way it resembles things other than cars. This appeal seems to be working for Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI), as the population of Jukes on the road cuts a clear view of how people are buying the odd-looking subcompact crossover.

I personally like it, especially its N-Style variants that mix contrasting paint colors to create cars that truly stand out. Now, imagine my elation when NPI brought in the Juke N-Style “Nismo Edition.” It’s not the variant’s official name, but we’re fond of calling it that because of its white and red color combination that’s rampant in Nismo performance models.

NPI has something in mind, too, to promote the Juke’s quirky styling. The company embraced it and commissioned a campaign with young Chef Gab Bustos of 12/10 and The Girl + The Bull to create equally peculiar yet sophisticated dishes that embody the Juke N-Style Nismo’s colors and more importantly, a bold contrast of flavors for cultured taste buds.

Bustos accepts the challenge by combining coconut and beet in a fresh crab salad; mushroom and raw meat in a wagyu sashimi; and fried fish with yuzu and red pepper sauce bar snack. For dessert, the young culinary artist puts together Hokkaido milk ice cream and candied cherry tomatoes.

The dishes look pretty, more of an avant-garde artwork, but we don’t actually know how they taste. We also have no idea if these dishes will be served in the mentioned restaurants. But for the effort in putting together bold contrasting flavors and colors, we’re giving it an A+. We just hope NPI could send us a sampler here in the office. We like food, too. You know our address.

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