Nissan Kicks e-Power

It seems that Nissan Philippines is fast-forwarding its plans for electrification as it has just announced that it is bringing its e-Power technology into the country. For those unfamiliar with it, it is the brand’s hybrid system that prioritizes the use of electric motors as the main driving force for the vehicle instead of an internal combustion engine. This announcement was made by Atsushi Najima, the current president of Nissan Philippines.

We are more inspired in strengthening our electrification strategy in the country through bringing the next-generation e-Power technology, a self-charging electric powered motor.

As a bit of a backgrounder, e-Power differentiates itself from a typical hybrid system or purely electric vehicles by using a gasoline engine as a sort of range extender for the electric drivetrain of the vehicle. Through this setup, users can experience the instantaneous torque of an electric vehicle without worrying about range anxiety. As the internal combustion motor is connected to an inverter which helps charge the battery, which then sends power to the electric motors and finally to the wheels.

This recent announcement also coincides with Nissan’s plan to make e-Power technology more available in other markets which was the original plan of the company back in 2019.

While no official e-Power vehicles were mentioned just yet, a highly likely possibility is the Nissan Kicks. It serves as just the right platform for the automaker as it positions itself right in the subcompact crossover segment which has recently become a hot market. If the Kicks is priced right Nissan could have a best seller on its hands that can also help owners maximize their fuel efficiency and performance. 

That being said, it's only a matter of time before the Japanese automaker makes an official announcement which could come soon at the upcoming Manila International Auto Show this coming April. 

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