NLEX Cash lanes are back

The transition into a fully cashless system hasn’t been the smoothest experience in the world for the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC). Their first day of a fully cashless system was met with heavy traffic in or around toll booths and many angry motorists. Due to this, they caught the attention of government agencies which in turn applied pressure on them to do better and improve their services.

In order to keep up with the holiday season and with the projected increase in vehicular traffic in the area, the NLEX Corporation, a subsidiary of MPTC, has brought back its cash lanes to all toll plazas. Motorists can now pay their toll in cash at least for the holiday season. On top of this motorists with existing RFIDs will be experiencing an open barrier system. This will let motorists with RFID equipped vehicles pass through toll plazas without the need for stopping. NLEX Corporation says that hopefully, these new measures will ease traffic congestion especially during this busy time of the year. It will also serve as a testing period for their RFID technology to see how effective they are when it comes to collecting tolls. 

We will be opening cash lanes in all toll plazas during this transition towards 100% cashless transactions. For the smaller plazas, where there are limited lanes, we will have an exclusive RFID lane beside a combined cash/RFID lane.

The transition into a fully cashless system will still continue, however, new measures have been set into place to keep the flow of traffic going. The NLEX Corporation has also transferred its sticker installation and reloading sites away from toll plazas in order to not compete with the limited road space. These sites will be moved to other strategic areas in and out of the expressway.

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