NLEX will install new LED lights from the stretch of Balagtas to San Fernando

Along the 33 km stretch from Balagtas, Bulacan, to San Fernando, Pampanga, North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) management will soon replace its lights with more energy-efficient and durable LEDs beginning this February 2021. 

A total of 1,300 lights are set to be replaced with 20-lux LEDs that are capable of lasting by up to 70,000 hours. This is to be done in order to improve the visibility of motorists traversing along the entire 33 km stretch. Aside from easily exceeding the 12-lux requirement set by the Department of Energy, the following LEDs to be used are similar to the ones installed along expressways abroad.

Poor lighting does present a potential danger among drivers, that is perhaps why the highway management decided to make some baby steps in reducing visibility-related accidents.

This move aims to standardize our lighting and provide uniform luminosity of roadway lights for the entire NLEX system—from Balintawak all the way to areas in the north.

Moreover, the President and General Manager of NLEX Corporation further elaborated that they even go beyond what's required. Apart from providing drivers adequate lighting on the highway, the following LED units shall also allow them to help the environment by lessening carbon footprint.

Notably, the company conducted the same replacement plan with the lighting systems from Balintawak to Tabang. Once the entire stretch has been replaced with LEDs, this should reduce potential accidents on the highway all thanks to the better visibility achieved by its brighter and more efficient lighting system. 

The company’s target completion of its LED light replacement project is marked this March 2021. That said, we hope that other local highways will soon follow and be reinforced with better lighting systems which should also take part in saving the environment through lessening carbon footprint.

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