2022 Toyota Land Cruiser spy photo

The next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser has been a hot topic on the internet for quite some time. Rumors of the vehicle have spread, all of which are trying to guess what it might look like and what sort of engine it might have. Even the blueprints of the SUV were published online giving prying eyes of the public a couple of hints as to what to expect with the next generation.

Thanks to several posts by Kurdistan_automotive_blog on Instagram we finally get to see what the SUV could look like. While the post claims that it is the next generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser, the design of the vehicle looks similar to the blue prints that were released earlier this year. 

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser parking lot

Based on the photos alone it can be seen that the SUV will come with a much bigger grille than before. Aside from this, it can be seen that the body of the Land Cruiser has been tweaked slightly especially to the rear of the vehicle. It now comes with a thicker rear end and a more angular roof area around the D-pillar. Aside from this, the photos also reveal a new set of what appears to be LED headlights along with LED daytime running lights and fog lights located on the bottom bumper. Moving to the side of the SUV, there appears to be a new set of side steps can also be seen, however, this might be a variant-specific feature as the other leaked images show a more contemporary design. A new set of wheels were also added, however, these are covered in protective plastic to hide the overall design.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 night shot

While the leaked photos only reveal the front quarter of the vehicle, there is still a lot unknown about the popular SUV and what sort of features it could have once it officially launches. The big question on everyone’s mind at the moment is what kind of powertrain the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser might have. So far speculations have pointed to a hybrid option being available along with a new set of V6 gasoline engines. Furthermore, reports have stated that a turbo-diesel option would also be made available, however, only for specific markets. 

In the meantime, all we can do is wait for the SUV’s official launch to see what kind of features it will have along with its final set of powertrain options.

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