Geely Preface production version leak

Geely looks to be launching a new sedan soon in the form of a production-ready version of its Preface concept vehicle. The concept sedan originally made its debut at the Auto Shanghai show last year, today, however, the final product has been leaked before its official scheduled launch. On the outside the new sedan carries over the same design language as seen on the Coolray and Azkarra, however, one key element has been replaced to help differentiate it from the brand’s current lineup.

Geely rear

While the photos are limited to the exterior it does showcase the overall design of the new sedan. Unlike the models that the brand currently has, the Preface production model does not come with Geely’s signature cosmos grille and instead opts for a more traditional vertical and concave design. While the concept vehicle had suicide rear doors the production model goes with a more conventional layout.

The new sedan also marks the second vehicle to be built on Volvo’s CMA platform. Its dimensions measure in at 4,785mm in length, 1,869 mm in width, and 1,469 mm in height. The vehicle also comes with about a 2,800mm wheelbase. Adding to its look the new sedan also comes with a set of 18-inch wheels wrapped in 225/45 series tires.

The new sedan is reported to come with a Drive-E 2.0 TFSI engine as its main source of power. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine pushes out 190hp and 300 Nm of torque. With a great motor under the hood the new production version of the PreFace concept will be able to reportedly hit a top speed of 210km/h. As for its transmission, it will be coming with an 8-speed Asin gearbox that is a derivative of the transmission that is found in the Volvo XC40.

The leaked photos only included the exterior of the vehicle and as such what the new sedan will look like on the inside is still unknown. If there is anything to go on, then the new Geely sedan should be coming with a familiar interior as to the current models that the brand has on sale. One thing is for sure, however, with Geely’s feature-rich offerings currently available on the market the new sedan will also be receiving similar technology.

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