Sony Vision S

Ever heard of the phrase 2020 vision? Well, for the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Sony has just unveiled its Vision S concept sedan. The concept car is meant to be a showcase of the Japanese tech conglomerate’s many different strengths. These range from cameras all the way to entertainment products like the Playstation 5 which the company is known for. 

The Vision S comes with a plethora of sensors – 33, in fact – that are located in and around the vehicle. The concept car features multiple widescreen displays, 360 audio, and always-on connectivity for the internet. What is unclear about the Vision S what sort of chassis it will have. What Sony did say is that the concept car is powered by a newly designed EV platform. The platform is said to have been designed by the automotive supplier Magna. Sony further states that the platform can power other kinds of vehicle body types. 

Sony Vision S exterior

On the outside, the vehicle shares similar looks to existing electric vehicles with sleek lines and a grille-less front. There is even a bit of Porsche Taycan in the vehicle, especially in the headlight area. Distinguishing it from the rest of the electric vehicles is a long, thin LED line that runs across the front face. It comes in a two-tone paint scheme with the roof section being blacked out. A panoramic sunroof is also present in the concept vehicle. 

Sony Vision S interior

On the interior, the Sony Vision S features seating for five and with screens at the back of the front seat headrests. The piece de resistance is a panoramic screen that spreads across the dashboard. Thanks to its array of cameras, the Vision S no long needs side view mirrors. These are now replaced by smaller screens located inside the cabin that show the same view.

Not much else was talked about the concept cars as the presentation mainly focused on the tech conglomerate’s cameras and the Playstation 5 and its launch date. As it stands the Vision S might just be a concept car and nothing more. But with what it has to offer we wouldn’t mind if it made its way into production sometime in the near future.

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