Yamaha Cross Hub

Yamaha has a great line-up of motorcycles and bicycles available for viewing at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. However, the fun doesn't stop from 2 wheels, the Japanese motorcycle company has brought an exciting vehicle as well. The 4-wheeled vehicle is the Cross Hub concept, and it is aimed to be your bike's mobile garage.

Dubbed by Yamaha as the "lifestyle car," the Cross Hub compact pickup concept is designed to go well with your adventurous preference. The exterior is strikingly catchy with the car's sinister-looking fascia, as the slim streak of headlamps adds to its unique design. On the other hand, the pickup's size is said to make it maneuverable either on- or off-road with the capability to transport luggage, as well as a motorcycle.

The cabin, on the other hand, has a diamond-seating layout. This places the driver in the middle of 2 passenger seats, as the fourth seat is directly behind the driver's. The achieved compactness of the cabin has enabled the designers to add a considerable amount of cargo bed area. Furthermore, the interior features wood paneling that was inspired by the brand's boat decks.

Other show pieces from Yamaha are as follows: a 3-wheel leaning motorcycle Niken, MWC-4, Motoroid smart motorbike, among others.

Watch the video below to know more about the Cross Hub pickup concept from Yamaha.

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