Mitsubishi e-Evolution

The Mitsubishi Evolution has officially made its electric comeback at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Say hello to the all-electric SUV e-Evolution concept, a vehicle designed to preview Mitsubishi’s design direction.

Yes, this will not be the Evo that we used to know. Instead of a sporty looking sedan, the Evo is now an electric-powered SUV. The reason for this is that Mitsubishi will set its focus on developing new SUVs, crossovers, pickups, and electric vehicles.

Aesthetically, the e-Evolution concept is an aggressive vehicle with a little hint of futuristic, sci-fi feel. It sort of resemble the Xpander, but we find the e-Evolution more rugged and muscular. The e-Evolution is fitted with the brand’s revamped Dynamic Shield grille design that’s protected under a glass. The headlights are sharp-looking, while the front bumper and the prominent wheel arches gave the e-Evolution an aura similar to Hercules or Johnny Bravo – yes, this electric SUV knows how to be macho.

The rear is rather less aggressive as compared to the concept’s fascia. I find the rear design sleek along with a touch of distinctive character lines. It has slim taillights, a large bumper, and a spoiler. The e-Evolution is also integrated with skid plates, which further add to its overall SUV persona.

Inside, Mitsubishi says the e-Evolution comes with a large flat screen that spans the full width of the dashboard. It also has full-glass windows, which gives 360-degree visibility.

In terms of power, the Japanese automaker said that the vehicle is equipped with high-performance electric motors. The e-Evolution also features a 4-wheel drive system and an Artificial Intelligence system. Power output ratings are yet to be released by Mitsubishi.

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