A total of 520 Geely Coolray units were sold in December 2020

Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP), the official distributor of Geely vehicles in the Philippines, sold 520 Coolray units within the month of December last year. Notably, this was SGAP’s highest recorded sales in 2020, therefore giving them enough confidence to venture 2021 with high hopes.

The Geely Coolray has once again, successfully positioned itself, as the best-selling subcompact crossovers last holiday season. That's the 4th month it has earned this top-seller title back in 2020, and this is an impressive feat considering the circumstances due to the pandemic.

We have surprisingly rebounded to deliver our sales targets in most of the months last year. The Coolray became a top-seller among the 5-seater subcompact crossovers for 4 months in 2020. And after selling a total of 2,158 units last year, we landed on CAMPI and AVID’s top 10 spot for passenger vehicles in terms of sales.

Numerically speaking, out of the total 2,158 units sold last year, 24% of the total 2020 sales were generated last December. This makes it the highest record for the brand last year, with the Coolray selling a total of 520 units. That said, Geely is filled with optimism and high hopes as they venture this new year. 

As we adapt to the drastic changes this pandemic has brought us, Geely Philippines is facing 2021 more aggressively in promoting its core models like the Coolray and Okavango. We are seeing that majority of our sales for this year will be coming from these models.

Behind this successful milestone is another good news, the Geely brand is aiming to continuously expand its dealership network. As per Yosuke Nishi, Geely Philippines is planning to open more than 20 dealerships this year, 8 outlets in the first half of the year, and the rest by the second half. What’s more impressive is that Geely was able to achieve its 520-unit feat with the few dealerships that they currently have. 

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