toyota double tweeter system

Toyota and Denso Ten (formerly Fujitsu Ten) jointly developed a new acoustic system that solves an issue with regular speaker system setup. Called the “Double Tweeter” system, it increases listening pleasure for all occupants of the car, especially the driver and front passenger.

When listening to music inside a car, there is one tiny detail that normal human beings tend to disregard – the placement of speakers. Apparently, when the driver adjusts the music settings according to his taste, the left and right side tweeters adjust the sound waves they send so the resulting sound will be balanced for the driver. Because of that, the passenger will suffer and will hear an unbalanced sound.

While this could be a petty problem for some (unless maybe if you’re a sound engineer who always needs to hear things in perfect harmony), Toyota took it seriously and developed the Double Tweeter system with Denso Ten. As reported by, the new acoustic system is said to be capable of localizing the driver and the passenger, sending the sound waves with the right timing.

* Double Tweeter system is initially available in Japan, that’s why this is in Japanese.

So, how does it work? The tweeters in front of the person will send the sound waves directly but with a bit of a delay. On the other hand, the second set of tweeters (called “Horn Tweeters") will send the sound waves diagonally. With this combination, the timing of the sound waves would match, and both front occupants will hear the sound correctly.

Now, what about the rear passengers? The report said that the tweeters reach as far back to the rear passengers, so essentially, those at the back will enjoy the same balanced sound setup.

The Double Tweeter system will be initially offered as a dealer option (presumably) in Japan. We’re not sure if it will reach the local Toyotas but we think it should, especially for those music junkies out there.

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