Suzuki Alto 800

After entering a partnership last year, Toyota Motor Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation will start discussing its joint projects that will benefit its technological and market development, as well as vehicle production.

The vehicle manufacturers outlined three specific topics that will help them move forward in their partnership.

First, global automotive parts manufacturer Denso and Toyota will be providing Suzuki with technological support to help it build a compact, ultra high-efficiency powertrain. Could this be related to the electric vehicles (EV) that Suzuki will produce in India?

A previous Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Toyota and Suzuki will see the two co-develop an EV that will be sold in India. This will also include the production of charging stations and systems that will deal with the treatment of dead batteries. Surely this EV will need an engine that’s “compact" and has "ultra high-efficiency.”

It is my hope that the new joint projects will contribute to the future success of both companies, not only in India, but also in the global market.

Another topic on the table is the production of the models developed from this partnership. The vehicles will be produced by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. (TKM), the brand’s subsidiary in India. In addition, the co-developed products will be sold under the Toyota and Suzuki brand.

Last but not the least, of course, will be the discussion on the distribution of co-developed models in India and Africa, as well as other markets. Also, talks will include the cooperation in the domains of logistics and services.

As members of Indian society, Toyota, along with Suzuki, will do its best to enhance freedom and fun in a future society of mobility and to make "Make in India" vehicles cherished in Africa and in many other countries around the world.

If this is indeed the EV that we thought to be, then it would be nice to see both brands develop a future-oriented product that would penetrate a third world market. Hopefully, it would also reach the Philippine market that’s on the brink of electrification with Mitsubishi already exploring the possibilities of EVs in the country and BYD set to bring its own electric line-up into the local market soon.

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