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Toyota Motor Philippines, being one of two automakers in the country to still have a manufacturing facility, is doubling down with the announcement of its Batangas logistics hub. The Japanese brand has stated that it will help strengthen its importation activities with this new facility. It is also important to note that two of the brand’s best-selling vehicles are also made in the Philippines such as the Toyota Vios and the Toyota Innova with the rest of the local lineup being imported from the ASEAN region. 

The project itself is worth P4.5-billion and sits within a 32-hectare property near the Batangas port. Toyota also notes that six hectares of the property will be kept as a green area. The logistics facility itself will also come with dedicated areas for pre-delivery inspection and post-production installation. The Japanese brand says that the facility itself has a capacity of 160,000 units per year. The stockyard of the logistics hub can also accommodate up to 4,500 units at a time. Included with the facility is also a covered loading and unloading area which has lanes for up to 18 car carries at a time. With this, it grants the Japanese brand the ability to accomplish work in almost any weather condition.

TMP remains committed to supporting the goal of the government to stimulate the economy and to prepare for the eventual resumption of motorization in the country. The auto industry is a key driver of economic activity and an essential part of the drive to increase mobility. At the heart of the Batangas, Vehicle Logistics Hub is our promise of making ever-better cars for our customers. Preserving the quality of our vehicles, from production in various plants all over the world to delivery dealers and customers, efficient logistics is necessary.

The announcement about the new facility was made amidst the local government’s announcements on safeguard duties on imported vehicles. As one of the top brands in the country, Toyota is confident that the new logistics hub can help spur growth in the local economy as it believes that the automotive industry is a key driver of economic activity. 

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