The Vios once again brings record-breaking sales figures for Toyota Philippines

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) once again reiterated their status as the country’s No.1 automotive manufacturer by posting their highest monthly sales record this July 2015.

Looking back, they registered a total of 10,511 units last May - a record high for themselves and the industry at that time. But that number was surpassed by their sales last month with 10,678 units successfully sold.

Yes, TMP beating their own sales records isn’t new at all, but what’s noteworthy about this was that they managed to outdo themselves in just a couple of months. This is also the first time for any local car manufacturer to breach the 10,600 sales mark in just 1 month.

Sure enough, the biggest propellant in TMP’s rapid and high sales performance is the Vios, their best-selling model. This July, TMP successfully rolled out 3,102 units of this compact sedan, earning it the first model to ever reach such a high sales volume in just a single month.

Also posting a segment-leading sales number is the Innova. It logged a total of 1,653 successfully sold units. Meanwhile, the Wigo continues to heat up the competition in its segment with a sales number of 1,189 units.

Comparing to that to 2014’s first 7 months, TMP’s year-to-date sales performance grew by 17% this year with an accumulated sales figure of 68,395 units sold.

“On behalf of the whole Toyota family, we would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to our customers for constantly making our brand the preferred choice. We are pleased by the unwavering support as seen in our most recent sales milestone in July. This is indeed a good way to celebrate our 27th anniversary this month in the country,” said TMP President Michinobu Sugata.

Sugata-San also added that “Achieving another 10,000 unit sales level is already an accomplishment in itself. However, going the extra mile and recording our highest tally yet at 10, 678 in a single month is a proof of how customers continue to enjoy the exceptional Toyota ownership experience. This has always been fastened by the Toyota Sure Advantage (TSA) wherein all customers can be assured that each Toyota vehicle is ingrained with traits of Great Value, Quality, Durability & Reliability and Pioneering Technologies that all make up for a Fulfilling Ownership.”

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