Volkswagen global new logo

Volkswagen unveils its new logo during the evening before the first press day of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt in Germany. The new logo replaces its three-dimensional counterpart that was introduced back in the year 2000. The now two-dimensional logo not only represents a change in branding for the company, but it represents a new era for the company moving forward with electric technology.

Volkswagen ID3

The logo marks a new era for Volkswagen for a more electric centric future. The new logo’s release was also presented along with the Electric ID.3. The presentation of the ID.3 shows the German automaker’s push towards electric vehicles and for a neutral carbon balance. The push for cleaner technology might be a way for the company to bounce back from its earlier shortcomings with emissions problems. 

VW logo

With the company’s new brand design, it hopes that it will create a more uniform global 360 brand experience that’s more modern and authentic. The new logo brings a flat two-dimensional design that features a more minimalistic styling language. It still has the familiar look of the older emblem but the V and W are thinner, and there is now more space between the bottom of the W and the circle that surrounds the two letters.

The aim of the new design is for high flexibility and adaptability, especially in the digital field. Volkswagen says that the rebranding campaign is one of the largest in the world. The brand redesign is due to be completed by mid-2020. The change over of the brand’s new design and logo will first start in Europe and then China in October. The change-over will later affect North and South America next as well as the rest of the world by the start of 2020

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