VW Group's MOIA

Volkswagen Group introduced its new standalone company named MOIA, which would develop mobility services. It also intends to help the VW Group to have a broader understanding of new forms of mobility.   

MOIA will develop and market its own mobility services independently, or through partnership with cities and other existing transport systems. It will focus on ride hailing via the mobile app Gett, where users can instantly book on-demand transportation, delivery, and logistics in over a hundred cities worldwide. 

At the same time, the new company is said to focus on the carpooling business with integrated transport solutions that could optimize the connected commuting experience.

This is further explained by Volkswagen AG Head of Group Strategy Thomas Sedran saying, "As customers' needs change, so does the automobile business model. In the world's major urban areas, there is an ever-stronger trend away from owning a vehicle towards shared mobility as well as mobility on demand.”

The VW Group’s new company will be headquartered in Berlin and is said to begin operation by the end of 2017.

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