Volvo XC40 interior details

Set to be launched soon in the coming weeks, Volvo Cars revealed the details about the XC40's development. This time, the Swedish automaker tackled about the improvements inside the compact SUV. 

The improvements are achieved by Volvo's research team and the time invested on finding out how people use their cars on a daily basis. Customers are evaluated on how they store their belongings and are asked about what needs to be improved in the interiors of their car.

“As we spoke to people about how and where they store the things they carry with them daily, it was quite clear that most of today’s cars are falling short in this area. Phones slide around in the mid-console, takeaway bags are at constant risk of falling over and people fumble behind the wheel as they try to get service cards out of their wallets. We set out to solve these and many other issues we encountered."

The research team manages to add more storage space in the cabin by repositioning certain features inside the car. For example, the speakers that used to be mounted on the door panels are now placed on the dashboard, creating the first air-ventilated, dashboard-mounted sub-woofer. This allows the team to install storage areas large enough to fit a laptop or a few water bottles.

Moreover, Volvo is able to make a storage that most driver needed the most – slots for credit and service cards. These slots are found on the dashboard and is easily reachable by the driver, so misplacing a parking card/ticket won't be a problem anymore. 

Even the center console and tunnel are carefully designed to ensure every feature lives up to its function. A space for smartphones is also created, complete with wireless charging capability and USB ports. On the glove compartment, a small fold-away hook is placed for hanging of small shopping bags. There is also an additional storage under the front seats, large enough to secure a mini tablet. 

Meanwhile, a smart-floor system on the trunk is ready to organize your luggage, as it features dividers and a fold-up function. Additionally, the rear seat electronic folding mechanism provides a flat loading floor at a touch of a button. The system also includes a private locking storage compartment placed under the load floor. 

The XC40 SUV will line up alongside Volvo's fleet of premium SUVs, including the full-size XC90 and the midsize XC60. With the development on the interiors of the compact SUV, the company believes to raise the benchmark in the segment in terms of space, storage, and functionality.

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