VW Ph proves TDI and TSI fuel efficiency in a Eco Fun Run

Volkswagen Philippines, through its official distributor Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (ACEI) has done a number of ways to reach out to Filipinos and strengthen the brand's platform in the industry. Part of their strategy is tackling fuel economy and they did this via the “VW Eco Fun Run” in partnership with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum.

The VW Eco Fun Run had a team of motoring journalists pilot a fleet of Volkswagen TDI and TSI vehicles. The mission was to see who can drive with the least amount of fuel possible, done in 3 legs that span across North and South Luzon.

It included the Polo Sedan TDI MT, Jetta TDI MT, Tiguan TDI AT, Touran 2.0 TDI AT, and the Beetle 1.4 TSI DSG. All these vehicles came in 3s and brimmed with Shell's V-Power Nitro+ fuels.

The 1st leg saw a trio of the Polo, Jetta, and Tiguan take a 154 km journey from Shell SLEX to Cintai, Batangas via Lipa City and back to Manila. The Jetta topped at 29.4 7 km/l, while the Tiguan returned with 27.39 km/l and the Polo with 18.39 km/l.

These results gave positive vibes as the 2nd leg began a few months later. But taking the places of the Jetta and Tiguan, VW used the Beetle and Touran instead to drive around a shorter 138 km route. In the trip, the Polos leads the charts with a fuel economy of 30.47 km/l followed by the Touran’s best of 21.93 km/l, and the Beetle at 16.32 km/l.

The final leg went northbound. From Shell Balintawak, the teams proceeded to Arayat Pampanga and back, covering 156 km. On its 3rd consecutive outing, the Polo achieved 26.54 km/l, while the Tiguan registered 17.86 km/l. Lastly, the Touran managed a best of 22.85 km/l.

Now, you might be wondering, where’s the “fun” in this Eco Fun Run? As explained by VW, there was really no serious competition amongst the teams, allowing participants to enjoy the relaxing drive. But more importantly, this gave the run more realistic real-world results which should be achievable by anyone buying a brand new VW.

But come May 19, ACEI will host another Eco Fun Run. This time, they’ll be bringing together all the best drivers from the previous 3 runs to push their vehicles and German technology to the ultimate test and see just how economical the Polo, Beetle, Jetta, Touran, and Tiguan can go.

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