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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is implementing a demerit point system for driver’s licenses based on Republic Act 10930. This point system will ensure that only deserving applicants with the proper driving skills and road safety knowledge will get the privilege of getting a driver’s license. This system is similar to that of other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, where earning points is not a good thing.

Of note, demerit points that are earned only last for the validity of the license, points are then reverted to zero when the license is renewed. The more points you earn the less likely your license will be renewed.

In order to get a 10-year license validity, one will have to follow all traffic rules and regulations. The LTO has given three categories for violations. These are Grave Violations, Less Grave Violations, and finally Light Violations. These are worth five points, three points, and one point, respectively. Attached below are the full descriptions of each.

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If a driver manages to gain five points through the demerit system they will be required to complete a reorientation course seminar by the LTO before they are allowed to renew their license. Those who get ten or more points will be required to take an exam and pass, on top of taking a seminar. Those who manage to accumulate 40 points, however, will not be able to have their license renewed.

This point system doesn’t just affect non-professional license holders but professional license holders as well. Drivers of Public Utility Vehicles will have demerit points doubled for every violation they commit while driving a PUV. Even student drivers are not immune. If a student driver happens to incur at least 5 points, their permit will be revoked and they will be banned from applying for another year. This is all in conjunction with the recent release of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 10930 with amendments to the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

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