BMW i8 Roadster

The world is filled with joyous things, some are tempting while some are not. A teaser video from BMW showing a roadster variant of the i8 defines a whole new level of joy. 

In a rather upbeat background music and an artistically arranged video, the 2018 i8 Roadster made its first appearance on a tangible form. The 3rd member of the "i family" is seen covered by a grid camouflage – that clearly didn't hide much of the electric sports car's profile. 

The clip shows that the i8 Roadster features a set of gullwing doors, and is bearing the same fascia as the regular i8 model first introduced in 2013. Meanwhile, the last few seconds reveal the black roof connecting the windshield frame to the rear buttresses – or that sloping support that rests from behind the seats. 

So far, there are no further details about the mechanization of the i8 Roadster's folding soft-top roof. All we can just say right now is that it would be one of those silent open-top pleasures of tomorrow.

NOTE: If this video isn't available on your mobile browser, watch it on Youtube.

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