WATCH: Hyundai shows off the all-new Elantra's smart features in this funny ad

Hyundai didn't hold back in promoting the high tech features of the all-new Elantra. With Ryan Reynolds and 2 diet-conscious grizzly bears as supporting casts, we're pretty sure these commercials from the Korean marque will entertain you in many ways.

On the 1st video, a couple run for their lives as 2 grizzly bears gives them a heart-thumping chase. However, with a simple voice command on his smart watch, he was able to start the all-new Elantra engine even before they entered the car.

Their lives were spared, but wait until you see the twist at the end.

If you have a crush (or man-crush) on Ryan Reynolds, you'll definitely love the 2nd video. Entitled “Ryanville,” the clip shows him on different personas with 2 girls swooning over him while driving.

With their eyes off the road, an unfortunate accident could have happened if not for the all-new Elantra's Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). Thank God Ryan's not hurt.

The all-new Elantra isn't here yet but if the made you itch for a Hyundai, you can visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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