WATCH: Volvo showcases trash collecting robot prototype

Swedish carmaker Volvo is renowned for their breakthroughs in automotive safety. This time, they’re looking to expand to environmental conservation. Doing things 1 step at a time, they’ve recently created this robotic system called the Volvo ROAR.

The ROAR or RObotic Autonomous Refuse handling is a system that automatically scans an area for garbage bins and collects it. It uses drone-mounted cameras, GPS, LiDAR, and other sensors in order to work. Once it locates a trash bin, it then deploys a robot on wheels to pick it up and unload it into the garbage truck waiting nearby.

What’s more astonishing is that the ROAR was built in just 4 months, thanks to Volvo’s collaborative efforts with students from the Chalmers University of Technology, Mälardalen University, and Penn State University.

As of today, the Volvo ROAR is on its conceptual stage. But it would be nice if this would evolve someday as a production model. Enjoy the rest of the video.

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