2020 Volkswagen Nivus

Volkswagen is set to add an all-new crossover into its lineup in the form of the Nivus. The new vehicle is aimed at being a small city vehicle that will be put up against the likes of the Ford Ecosport, Suzuki VitaraGeely Coolray, and Nissan Kicks. The all-new Volkswagen Nivus has yet to be launched but is scheduled to be revealed in Brazil by the first half of 2020. After its initial launch, it will then be introduced to other Latin American markets and then to the European market. 

It is still unknown if the German brand will be bringing it to the ASEAN market. However, Volkswagen Philippines did state back in 2019 that it would be bringing in two new crossover models for its local lineup. If the German automaker launches the Nivus in China, then there is a high possibility that the Philippines might get the new model as well.

2020 Volkswagen Nivus

It follows Volkswagen’s current design language and features slim five-sided headlights with daytime running lights, a wide hexagonal grille, and a more rounded front end. It follows the design philosophy of less is more as the design itself isn't too busy. The overall shape of the vehicle comes in with a sleeker design compared to the rest of Volkswagen’s offerings.

Moving to the rear of the vehicle, it continues the overall sleek design of the front. While details are hard to spot thanks to the camouflage, what can be seen is that the Nivus will have a pair of large tail lights that are connected in the middle of the tailgate. 

volkswagen nivus infotainment system

Details on the interior of the vehicle are scarce, however, Volkswagen Brazil has released a quick teaser for it back in March of 2020. The teaser video only showed a glimpse of the interior mainly focusing on the vehicle’s large infotainment system and steering wheel. The video also showed a part of the crossover’s gauge cluster and it appears that it will be coming with a digital set. Aside from this there have not been any other interior focused teasers.

The Nivus will be utilizing the Polo platform similar to that found in the T-Cross. Since the German crossover is aimed at being a city vehicle it will not be getting AWD. It will only be sending power to the front wheels. Powering the Nivus is a 1.0-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that produces 126hp and 200 Nm of torque.

The Nivus is ideal for the Philippine market as Volkswagen is currently missing a small crossover in the country. If the German automaker introduces it locally then it can address this missing model. Currently, the automotive market is showing a trend that the buying public is starting to prefer crossovers. With this growing trend, the Nivus would fit right in by offering its buyers an attractive yet compact vehicle along with a small but powerful engine.

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