You can now load your Easytrip RFIDs with Smart and Talk 'N Text

For better convenience, Smart and Talk 'N Text (TNT) users can now reload their Easytrip RFIDs just by sending a text message. This was made possible through Smart Communications’ partnership with Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC) in launching the country’s first toll top-up using mobile load. 

Many of us rely on our mobile phones for crucial information and services, so we are glad to team up with Smart to introduce another hassle-free way for users to top up their Easytrip RFID accounts with their Smart or TNT mobile load through a simple message.

As per the Telecommunications Company, subscribers of both networks can load up their Easytrip RFIDs with P100, P300, P500, or P1,000. In order to do this, subscribers will have to key in EASY[DENOM]<SPACE>[12-DIGIT RFID ACCOUNT NUMBER] and then send to 3279 or similar to how prepaid mobile numbers can also be topped up. After doing so, a text will be sent afterward, therefore, confirming the successful transaction.

The amount loaded on their RFID accounts will then be deducted from their prepaid balance. While those who have subscribed to postpaid service would be charged on their monthly bill. Aside from this, MPTC also has other cashless methods made available for Easytrip RFID users including Visa, Mastercard, Bancnet card, or other accredited online payment channels. Motorists also have the option of reloading through 7-Eleven stores, Robinsons Mall, and SM supermalls.

It was recently reported that the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) will start implementing its three-strike policy on May 15, 2021, wherein drivers with insufficient RFID load are to be monitored on major highways. That said, it’s good to see MPTC formulating convenient ways on how motorists can reload their Easytrip RFIDs. Perhaps, this could reduce those drivers plying along highways with insufficient RFID loads.

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