2019 GAC GA4 Interior and Cargo Space

It’s needless to say that a car’s interior should be the most important part of the vehicle, as it’s where you spend most of your time during the entire ownership of the vehicle. A compelling exterior design is great, but if you don’t like what you’re seeing or touching within the cabin, then most likely you’ll end up disliking the whole car in the long run.

The 2019 GAC GA4 may have an exterior design that transcends tastes, but it has even better interior amenities paired with its several high-tech features that we raved about in our previous review. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the whole interior offering of the GA4 compact sedan to see if it could make you want to hold on to the car for a long period of time.

As I’ve said in my general review, I questioned the Chinese roots of the GA4 the moment I sat inside its cabin. It didn’t look and feel like one, and quite frankly, it’s even better than some popular Japanese names out there. The leather is supple and smooth, while the brown leather trims add class to the entirety of the car’s interior. The plastics don’t slap you in the face; they’re rather soft-touch and masked with a matte finish.

The whole cabin radiates a luxurious vibe, which I could liken to a Mazda. On the downside, the steering wheel material has seen better days and could have used a softer type of leather instead. Nevertheless, finding the perfect driving position is a cinch even without the telescopic steering adjustment.

To go with the high-quality materials used, the screens of the eight-inch touchscreen infotainment and the multi-information display in the middle of the gauge clusters look nice and crispy. All the knobs and buttons are also positioned intuitively within arms’ reach, while the automatic climate control works the way it should. It’s pretty impressive, and way nothing like the old Chinese cars in the past.

Another thing to rave about is the generous amount of space inside the cabin. Even with the GA4’s shorter wheelbase than most compact sedans, it still has sufficient legroom at the back for people standing up to 5’8”. There are air-conditioning vents as well to keep everyone cozy at the rear, while the car’s soft suspension setup is heaven-sent, especially in long drives.

The 2019 GA4 is longer than Japanese sedans like the Toyota Corolla Altis and Honda Civic, but it has a shorter wheelbase. With that, the GA4 is gifted with long front and rear overhangs, which translates to an immense cargo capacity at 480 liters. However, when compared to the Civic, it falls short by 45 liters.

Still, the GA4 can fit a standard-size child stroller and a month’s worth of grocery. You can further extend that cargo space by folding the backrests in 60:40 fashion, but it isn’t maximized since the panels that support the backrests somehow block half of the way.

As for the trunk opener, it can be opened via the key fob, which is quite nifty especially when you have a lot of stuff in your hands.

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