2019 Mazda6 Sedan Diesel Interior & Cargo Space

When Mazda said that it wants to rebrand itself as a premium name, it isn’t kidding at all. The Japanese marque is actually midway in this process, and the premium-ness can already be observed inside its current lineup – especially in the Mazda6 midsize sedan.

But, the attempt to step into the plush category isn’t without faults. Let’s take a closer look into the Mazda6 Sedan’s interior amenities and cargo space, to see if it’s worth your every centavo. Well, P2,250,000 is a lot of money.

What you will like: Superb NVH insulation, cavernous

What you won’t like: Extensive use of scratch-prone piano black plastics, tall transmission tunnel

I won’t deny that Mazda has brought its A-game in executing cabin plushness in the Mazda6 sedan. The materials used aren’t common for its class, such as the Senwood accents found flanking the dashboard and the Nappa leather-wrapped seats. They promote an upmarket feel to your visual and haptic senses, plus the fact that other parts of the cabin are also covered with a soft suede material called Ultrasuede. With these, the Mazda6 stands by its premium claim.

But then again, there’s always a but. Much to my surprise, Mazda chose to extensively use piano black plastics. Found by the center console near the gear shifter and the window controls, these things won’t age well and will probably get scratched within a year of ownership.

As for space, there won’t be any gripe or whatsoever in the Mazda6 sedan, as long as there will only be four occupants inside the car. The tall transmission tunnel will be a problem for the middle rear passenger. There are plenty of cubbyholes, though, plus the door pockets have a generous amount of space.

Trunk volume with seats up: Not listed

Trunk volume with rear backrests folded: Not listed

Unfortunately, the Mazda6’s spec sheet on Mazda’s website doesn’t have cargo volume numbers. In my usual test, however, I was able to fit a standard-size child stroller in its trunk, along with a cart full of groceries, without any issues even with the noticeably slimmer aperture. Provisions for tools storage are available, too.

The trunk volume space is expandable by folding the rear backrests, which can be done via switches in the trunk area or via the usual (and tedious) way. Although, the opening to the cabin isn’t party-sized. It’s still a sedan, anyway.

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