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AutoDeal’s Video Review Top Three Picks for H1 2019

Our top picks for the first half of the year are here.

An episode of Behind the Wheel without a car to review? Blasphemy, but watch this short video to find out about our top 3 picks for some of the best deals in the Philippine automotive market today. 

The first half of 2019 was filled with many different cars of good repute, however, there are a few standouts that deserve a special mention because of how fun, impressive, or affordable the drive was. Here is our Honor Roll for the first half of 2019. 

The first on our list of cars is the most fun drive we have had so far. This is undoubtedly the Ford Ranger Raptor. Ferocious name? Check. Fox Racing suspension? Check. Caco’s wife along for the ride as he catches some big air? You betcha. This was made possible by all of the goodies that lay inside the hood, cabin, and under chassis of this wonderful pickup truck designed to take on just about any terrain really. 

After that excitement out of the way, we get more sedate and comfortable in a drive that impressed us so much we just had to put it on the list. The Kia Sorento is just that comfortable. The crossover rides as smooth as butter and feels a lot like a sedan that is higher end. You get all of this with the extra space of an SUV and a diesel engine. Also, note that with all that comfort you can sleep comfortably even as the roads get uneven and filled with imperfections. 

While these two pics are stellar, they do cost a pretty penny to afford. Our third pick is a drive on a budget, meaning the most bang for your car buying buck. Meet the MG ZS, a relative newcomer to crossovers, it features a comfortable ride in a package that can be driven anxiety-free over bad pavement and inclement weather. It rides high enough, and it has an engine that is adequate enough for its weight and price point. 

These three vehicles all feature one thing, ground clearance, and it is worth mentioning that two of them are crossovers. Manufacturers are making strides in developing vehicles. Whether for fun or comfort, all cars can give an enjoyable experience one way or another. Stay tuned for the second half of 2019 for more reviews. 

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