2017 MINI Countryman

You don't need to be as funny as Mr. Bean to own a MINI, and you obviously don't have to be a professional crook either (Italian Job movie). But kidding aside, there are plentiful reasons why, even once in your life, you should own a MINI – especially the Cooper Countryman

Other than being the biggest MINI yet, the Countryman has unique aesthetic value that sets it apart from cars you normally see on Philippine roads. However, visual quality is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few more things you need to know about the MINI Countryman.

To start, it's British. MINI was originally a small hatchback car manufactured by the British Motor Corporation in 1959. It wasn't until in 1969 when it had its own right to be a brand. Then in 1994, German automaker BMW acquired the company and earned entitlement to manufacture cars under the MINI marque in the year 2000.

But what makes the Countryman an ideal choice, now that we know it's British?

Well, number 1, it runs on diesel. Fact-check, it's the only MINI model in the country that comes with a diesel engine. It is powered by a 2.0L twin turbodiesel engine that is capable of producing up to 190 hp. It can push the vehicle to a speed of up to 220 km/h.

You get plenty of room, too. That's because it's big, so more cabin space for you. It's not just relatively huge compared to its MINI family members, the Countryman has bigger body when brought side-by-side with segment contenders such as the Nissan Juke. The MINI Countryman measures 4,299 mm in length, which is 146 mm longer than the Juke. Hence, the considerable legroom compared to the Japanese vehicle.

Another cool fact is that it has an international rally title. In 2012, the Countryman nameplate won the Qatar International Rally. To be exact, the MINI Countryman John Cooper Works Super Production Car was able to claim the said rally with a margin of 2:24.9 (2 minutes 24.9 seconds). Who doesn’t want to brag about driving a vehicle that has a rally DNA right?

Last but not least, you get all kinds of airbags, which is a plus since safety should always be your priority. Cars with front airbags are good and those with added side airbags are better. But with the Countryman, you also get knee and curtain airbags – that's 6 in total. Not to mention, its wheels have a Run-Flat Tire feature, which allows you to continue driving when the tire is punctured. In this way, you have time to find a gasoline station or a safe place to stop to change the flat tire.

The 2017 Countryman is the most versatile model from the British automaker, with its bigger legroom, increased ground clearance, high roofline, and twin turbodiesel engine. Yet, on top of these improvements, you still get the signature looks of a MINI. It just tells the world how big MINI has grown over the years – literally.

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