5 Reasons Why Hatchbacks are Practical Vehicles

Hatchbacks have been relegated as an entry-level option for quite a while now, with only a handful in the million peso range. As if that discrimination is not enough, a slew of sedans has arrived and occupied the entry-level segment the hatchbacks once enjoyed.

If you're like me who's in the market for a car, heed my call and choose a hatch. Sit down, be humble, and read why hatchbacks are innately practical.

You'd think the lack of a rear bump will be disadvantageous but it's not. Weaving in and out of traffic is easier since your car doesn't have an extension that might get hit. 

Honda Jazz VX side

First-time drivers will find hatchbacks as a wallet saver since you'll save by not having dings on your car. The absence of a butt makes parking a whole lot smoother. What you see is what you get since there are no more panels to think about beyond the rear windshield. Add to that the rear wiper that's very handy during rainy night driving and parking.

Honda Jazz cargo space

For sure you've experienced putting big items in the trunk and not being able to close it. You won't have that problem with a hatch, most of the time at least since you can fold the seats down and the taller room makes fitting items easier. 

Honda Jazz trunk

My main gripe about sedans is how things in the trunk end up being hot during travel. Putting perishable goods there will be risky unless you have an icebox. 

This isn't an issue for hatchbacks despite the rear windshield directly over your stuff since the tonneau cover will protect the cargo from heat. You might think the cover will restrict airflow but the small gaps are more than enough to keep your things warm (not hot) even on a 12-noon sun. Also, the cover can serve as a table for your things if you’re hanging out. Speaking of which… 

Honda Jazz trunk use

The best thing about a hatch is the ability to be a 'spot'. No more seats in the burger joint? Get your orders to go, open the rear, and put your food on the cargo cover. Even better, you can remove the cover and sit on the rear itself as you let time pass. The open rear door will also shield you from direct sunlight and rain, provided there's no wind.

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