5 Reasons Why Hatchbacks are Practical Vehicles

Hatchbacks have been relegated as an entry-level option for quite a while now, with only a handful in the million peso range. As if that discrimination is not enough, a slew of sedans has arrived and occupied the entry-level segment the hatchbacks once enjoyed.

If you're like me who's in the market for a car, heed my call and choose a hatch. Sit down, be humble, and read why hatchbacks are innately practical.

hatchback in the city

One advantage a hatchback has over other vehicle body types is its compact size. Thanks to their shorter sizes and lack of a trunk at the rear, hatchbacks are more maneuverable vehicles compared to their sedan counterparts. This means that weaving in and out of traffic will be easier as there is no rear extension that might get hit. Another advantage is that hatchbacks will be easier to park into tight spaces thanks to their compact form factor.

hatchback parked

Dimensions play a big role in making a car more maneuverable. The shorter the vehicle is, the easier time you will have when parking in a smaller or tighter space. First-time drivers will find hatchbacks a wallet saver since as you will have a lesser chance of hitting objects when compared to a much longer vehicle. The absence of a rear-end makes parking smoother and much easier as well. What you see is what you get when it comes to the design of a hatchback and since there are no more panels to think about beyond the rear windshield you won’t have to think as hard when trying to park. To add to the option of having a rear windshield wiper is also a neat feature to have especially during the rainy season.

cargo space of a hatchback

Even for larger items, the hatchback has got you covered. Thanks to their design, these vehicles can load wider and taller items that wouldn’t normally fit inside the trunk of a sedan. However, it is important to note that the opening of the hatch will still dictate the size of the objects that will be able to fit inside the vehicle. It’s a limiting factor but still better than what a standard trunk opening has to offer.

Aside from this, hatchbacks also come with the capability to increase the cargo room inside the vehicle thanks to folding seats. For certain models, the seats can be folded independently and can even be folded upwards utilizing the floor space inside the designated passenger area to fit taller items in.

rear hatch ventilation

A downside that sedans have that their hatchback counterparts don’t is that the trunk area can get hot during travel. Putting perishable items at the rear will be a risky endeavor unless you have an icebox or somewhere to keep them cool.

This isn’t an issue for hatchbacks as these goods benefit from the cooling of the climate control or air conditioning system. Another benefit is that hatchbacks will oftentimes come with a tonneau cover that will help protect cargo from the heat and protect your privacy at the same time. You might think that this will restrict the airflow but the small gaps between the seats are more than enough to keep your things shielded from the heat even during the hottest parts of the day. Also, the cover can also double as a table for your things if needed, a handy feature to have especially if you are just hanging out.

hatcback hangout spot

Aside from the hatch making it easier to load and unload cargo, it can also be a great place to hang out. No more seats at your favorite restaurant? Not a problem. Get your orders to go, open up the rear, and put your food on the cargo cover. Instant seating protected from the elements and with air conditioning to boot. If you want a more outdoor dining experience, you can also open up the hatch and sit in the trunk area. It will provide you with fresh air and a convenient roof over your head to protect you from the sun’s heat above. 

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