Things that should never leave in the car

Having your own car also means being behind the wheel most of the time – be it driving to the office or travelling with your family and friends. This four-wheeled buddy becomes your second home, to the point that you keep important possessions within your reach. However, as essential as it may be to you, there are things you should not keep inside the cabin for so long.

We have given you checklists of must-have items to store in car care kit, basic tools to pack in emergency kit, and accessories to get for your car. This time, we listed down the not-so-obvious things you should bring with you out of the car as they could actually harm your health and safety without you knowing. Thank us later.

Leaving a plastic water bottle is one of the common mistakes of car owners. It may not look that risky but it’s one thing to be worried about. Once left in a scorching car, disposable plastic bottles can produce dangerous chemical substances including Bisephenol A (BPA), which can negatively affect the natural hormones once you drink the content.


Keeping medicines inside your car won't help you feel better as high temperature can lessen the effectivity of the medicine. We all know that when not in use, cars don't stay at room temperature, which medicines should be kept at. Next thing you know, you're spending your money for medication nonsensically. So next time, don't forget to bring it with you when moving out of the vehicle.

sunscreen sunblock

Speaking of effectivity, letting your sunscreen sunbathe inside your car is actually a bad idea. Yes, sunscreens protect our skin from the sun but ironically, it can't withstand the heat as it can be ineffective once exposed to too much sunlight.

smartphones gadgets

If you're the type of driver or passenger who places gadgets on dashboard during a morning drive or leaves it in the garage for quite some time, then do yourself a favor and put an end to that habit. Direct exposure of electronic devices to sunlight can reduce the battery life. In fact, Apple's website says that iPhone and its other products should be kept in a place less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit as it can damage the capacity of the battery. Apart from that, it's also best not to leave any gadgets in the car as they can be seen outside which might attract thieves. Better safe than sorry.

crayons color

Some parents allow their children to bring things that keep them entertained during long vacation trips, and set of crayons is one of them. Unfortunately, these colorful drawing tools have melting point. So as parents, the best thing to do is to make sure that all crayons are in the box after the kids use it and not scattered inside the cabin, unless you want an ‘artsy’ interior.

aerosol can

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You should keep products in aerosol cans such as hairspray, spray paint, and deodorant out of your car if you still have no plans of getting a new one. Storing them inside your vehicle for a long time can be dangerous as it can expand, explode, and cause fire.

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