7 things OC car owners can relate to

Admittedly, many of us have our own ways of taking care of our car, from simply cleaning it to religiously following its scheduled preventive maintenance service. As with many obsessive-compulsive (OC) car owners, we all have our own quirks. Some people are quite sensitive, especially those that have great attention to detail giving them the slightest distraction every time they see an irregularity or something wrong with a certain object. Some of us at the office are self-proclaimed OC car owners, so we really can’t blame you for these habits as it just shows how much you care for your ride. 

You spend too much time checking out your car

For sure we’re not the only ones who often examine our cars. While it may be common for those who just purchased a brand new unit, even owners with aged vehicles still do this. You may do this in a parking lot or garage, before leaving the car, while locking it, and then you may perhaps roam around the car for a slight inspection. You may tend to overthink at times assuming that there are some minor damages or scratches after taking the car for a drive. That said, it’s a way of clearing the tension in your anxious soul to see if there is something wrong with your car. 

Even after parking, you may find yourself looking back and still be stunned every single time. It’s like what they say, “If you don't look back at your car after you park it, you've bought the wrong car.” 

You notice the tiniest scratches

Scratches are one of the worst enemies of your car’s exterior. Notably, darker colored cars, especially in black, can easily develop scratches where even the tiniest mark can be disturbing. Though, as conscious owners, we’re prepared for situations such as this, any tiny or minor scratches can be removed with wax or some polish. Unfortunately, if the damage is deeper, then you might have to take it to a reputable detailing or repair shop.

You just hate it when someone slams the door

Probably one of the most annoying things that a passenger can do to your car is slamming the door a little too hard. One can argue that a car is just an object that doesn’t have any feeling, though some treat it with sentimental value, and perhaps, they just need to understand your OC habit of getting annoyed when they slam your car’s door upon entering and exiting the vehicle. 

While you are meant to slam the door gently, a little too much power could make your ears ring and your skin crawl. 

You’re annoyed when a passenger doesn’t respect your car’s interior

The driver spent some time cleaning the vehicle, therefore, passengers should be considerate enough to keep the interior as clean as it could be. For passengers, if you have no trash bags with you, then keep those waste in your pocket. More importantly, do not put your shoes on the seats or the dashboard as it could possibly leave marks especially if the upholstery is in a lighter shade.

You don't like parking on side streets

Parking on side streets, especially in the Philippines gives us the creeps. There is one main reason why many prefer closed parking lots over street parking. Because street parking is more unsafe, there is a greater chance of a car being broken into, or someone could even vandalize or damage your car in different ways for no apparent reason.

On top of this, your baby is exposed to the elements. Bird poop, tree sap, dust, and debris will find their way onto your precious paint. 

You immediately clean your car after using it

Seeing your car sparkly clean every single time is indeed pleasing to the eye. That’s why after taking it for a drive, you tend to clean it immediately especially if it has been rainwashed. Following the wash, the car immediately is free from dirt, therefore lessening the chances of damaging its paint job.

You never let others borrow your car

Lastly, is you never let anyone borrow your car. Frankly, it’s not being selfish, really, you’re just being careful. This is not just your average household item that can be borrowed anytime, it’s an expensive item, that’s why we need to take extra care of it. Remember, it’s better to say no than be sorry later on.

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