Chevron's infographic on Delo engine oil's rich 80-year history

Delo, which is Chevron's brand of engine oils, lubricants, and coolants, apparently stands for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil and has been around since 1935. So to celebrate its 80th birthday, Chevron made this infographic to illustrate how far Delo has gone.

The fact sheet highlights some of the milestones in Delo's rich history, which even pre-dates Caltex's own establishment in 1936. Also included are their breakthroughs in engine oil technology, feats in diesel engine endurance, and achievements in meeting oil grade performance requirements. It would have been nice though if they added Caltex Philippines' rendition of the song “Day-O” as Delo's marketing ad campaign in the early 2000's.

“We are truly proud of Delo for successfully and continuously providing supreme protection to diesel engines for 80 years now. Like what we always say, we want smooth and worry-free drive and operation for our clients that’s why we constantly find ways to improve our products in order to deliver that promise,” shared Michelle Sayat, Chevron Philippines Marketing Manager for Lubricants. “We’ve done it for the last eight decades, and we will go further than that. We’re looking forward to servicing the Philippines for the next 80 years and more.”

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