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GAC Motor surely knows how to make an entry to the Philippine market. Given the introduction of its strong nameplates, the fastest growing car brand in China, provides local car buyers a variety of choices that promise to provide the consumers a taste of affordable luxury. One of its most anticipated cars to arrive in the Philippines is the GAC Motor GM8, one of the brand’s luxurious offerings, and perhaps the largest one. Here to compete with the country’s automotive industry, say the likes of the Toyota Alphard, it is classified as a full-size MPV, indeed a new luxury option as a people carrier of up to seven passengers.

Spelling luxury to every core of this nameplate, the GAC Motor made sure that this on-road yacht-looking GAC Motor GM8 is set to keep up with its competitors in terms of overall packaging. How so? Here’s a rundown of the best features of the GAC GM8 that will definitely excite the car buyers in the Philippines.

GAC Motor has paid so much attention to the details of the GAC Motor GM8. Exterior wise, the GM8 is designed intendedly as flagship MPV built like a mobile palace. Aiming to bring out that stash of elegance and luxury, the GM8 boasts well planted body lines that drew its inspiration from a yacht - the sides are slender and flow naturally. Meanwhile, the horizontal lines of the Flying Dynamics front grille are powerful. The front face with light and dark tones combines exquisite, stylish design with composed, tasteful connotation. The GM8 also boasts more fashionable and dynamic chrome-plated dual tailpipes, which are rarely seen among same class models, minimizing noise.

The GM8 appears further stylish with its horizontal,, integrated LED taillights that actually have 152 LEDs, proving this car’s ability to combine advanced technologies with luxury. Meanwhile, its LED daytime running lights, with a diameter of 10mm that is not usual among its class, provide a beautifully curved design that matches perfectly the powerful front grille.

The GM8 is indeed a mobile palace that meets the demand of tasteful consumers. With exclusive storage spaces, the center console of this minivan is broader with easier operation, making abundant, exquisites parts at fingertips. This car welcomes its riders with an interior wrapped by premium soft ornament, and light luxury Madrid color scheme that combines dark olive grey and light satin grey complemented by matte fine grain craftsmanship.

For convenient ingress and egress, the GM8 is also equipped with automatic sliding doors with anti-pinch function and four opening modes, including remote key control, external handle, internal handle and front row integrated switch. Once inside the GM8’s 360degree all-round tranquil cabin, passengers are treated with less noise (because of it high quality noice absorption), amazing climate control, and eco-friendly, low-VOC odorless sanctuary while on the move.

Pride of the GM8 is the luxurious touch of captain seats welcomes its middle row passengers. The second row seats also come with broad fixed armrest, electric leg rest and head rest plus ventilation, heating and massage functions. To hype it further, passenger get an option to view the skies and add more light using an open double-pane panoramic sunroof with anti-pinch function. While, during low lighting conditions, passengers can enjoy the GM8’s 32-color intelligent atmosphere lights for that certified skylight viewing experience.

Aside from giving the GM8 fully automatic double sliding doors, it also has the Easy Open power liftgate that offer four opening modes, allowing flexible adjustment of opening heaight. 

Moreover, this MPV is filled with technological advancements that prove to be useful for passenger’s comfort. One amazing example is the availability of a wireless smartphone charging functionality that gets rid of tangling cable. 

In terms of entertainment, the GM8 provides passenger with double 10.1-inch LCD screens rear row entertainment system with great stereo sound that creates luxurious visual and audio experience. The super high definition seven-inch full-color LCD display connects the center console screen and smartphone crest in real time, and interactively display navigation, entertainment and vehicle information to reduce deviation and enhance driving safety.

Ride comfort and driver/passenger safety are totally important, and the GM8 did not scrimp on giving features that will allow it to move through different types of roads with intelligent control. With comprehensive intelligent driving system including an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW), the GM8 can give the driver warnings of the potential dangers ahead.

Aside from these intelligent controls, the GM8 also has Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) with Autohold, Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Automatic Parking System (APS, 360-degree panoramic parking system, and the Bosch ESP 9.1 which can effectively prevent side slip with 14 active safety systems.

This MPV is also equipped with six comprehensive air bags, double pretensioner safety belts at the front row, and the pretensions safety belt at the second row, giving sufficient head and chest protection, and also setting new safety benchmark for MPV segment.

Taking a powerful body design of the GAC Motor family, the GM8 has at the proportion of high strength in the cabin that reaches 95%, which is 55% higher than the industrial standard. Its extraordinary quality and reliability are also embodied by its roof anti-pressure and door anti-penetration abilities far higher than the national standard.

To sum it all up, GAC Motor sure did its homework with the GM8, making it a great contender for the best mobile palace on the Philippine roads. As the brand paid equal attention towards every aspect of the GM8, from the exterior, space, technology, and safety – the result portrays a well-packaged MPV equipped with such amenities and comfort features for the consumers.

The GAC GM8 is priced at P2,880,000. Color options include Elegant Black, Mocha Brown, Peacock Blue, Pearl White.

For the complete and comprehensive specs of the GAC GM8, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

*This article was written in collaboration with GAC Motor.

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