Head to Head: GAC GN6 vs Geely Okavango

The MPV segment in the Philippines has been heating up with more and more entries that have brought a host of new features. While these vehicles have stayed true to their rule as multi-purpose vehicles, the sheer number of options has made it even harder for an interested buyer to pick out the right car for them. With that in mind, we will compare two relatively new entries to the segment which come with their own unique set of features ready to meet the needs of interested customers. Enter the Geely Okavango, a tech-packed MPV that brings with it SUV styling and a powerful hybrid powertrain, and the GAC GN6 a new  MPV, that features captain’s chairs and a comfortable ride. We will compare each on to spec-by-spec to see which one will come out on top.

Geely Okavango vs GAC GN6

Design-wise, these two vehicles come with different approaches, the GAC GN6 sticks to a more minivan-like appearance with a sculpted nose and wide rear doors. The Geely Okavango, on the other hand, takes a more muscular and SUV look thanks to its chiseled lines and a much broader stance. It is important to note that the GN6 does come with a lower loading lip compared to its Okavango counterpart making it easier to load and unload cargo into the back of the vehicle. 

In terms of what each offers with exterior features, both MPVs are evenly matched as they come with LED headlights for all of their variants. The Geely MPV does come with a slight advantage with its wheel options and with its length. The Okavango measures 4,835 mm long which is 55 mm longer than the GN6 which measures 4780 mm. This makes the Geely the longer vehicle granting a little more interior space. The Okavango is also the wider of the two vehicles at it measures 1,900 mm wide nearly hitting the 2-meter mark in terms of width.

While the Geely Okavango is the bigger vehicle in general, size isn’t everything as it may hinder it from easily navigating through tight roads. As for the design, it’s all down to personal preference as externally both vehicles are evenly equipped. With that being said, we give this category as a tie. 

Winner: Tie

GAC GN6 vs Geely Okavango interior comparison

On the inside, the styling choices of both vehicles could not be any more different. The GAC GN6 goes with a more refined look that comes with a sloping dashboard design that houses both the gauge cluster and the large infotainment system. The Geely Okavango, on the other hand, goes with a more modern approach to its design as its dashboard goes look and features a boxier look with a floating touchscreen in the middle. However, it is important to note that the Geely does come with power-adjustable seats, which is a function missing in the GAC model. It is important to note that both vehicles can have their rear seats folded flat if more cargo space is needed, but due to the captain’s chairs in the GN6 space becomes limited. 

GN6 vs Okavango infotainment system comparision'

In terms of infotainment systems, the GAC GN6 has the advantage as despite coming in a much smaller form factor it comes with Apple CarPlay capabilities. The Geely Okavango, on the other hand, has a bigger screen, but lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto altogether and instead relies on its proprietary smartphone linking system. 

With that said, we award the win for this category to the GAC GN6, while it has a smaller screen and no power-adjustable seats, it doesn’t take anything away from the usability of the vehicle. What does add to its convenience and ease of use is the Apple CarPlay connectivity which is a feature that many will surely appreciate. 

Winner: GAC GN6

GN6 vs Okavango safety comparision

In terms of safety, both vehicles are on par with one another as they come with the standard set of airbags required for the segment along with ABS with EBD. The GN6 has driver and front passenger airbags plus 3-point seatbelts all around, while the Okavango takes it a step further by having side and curtain airbags available for its Urban and Urban Plus models. It also helps that the Geely MPV also comes with a 360-degree camera making it easier to maneuver the vehicle. 

With that said, the win for this category goes to the Geely Okavango as it comes with more safety features throughout its model lineup that many will surely appreciate. The added number of airbags for its mid to high-tier variants gives it an extra level of safety, while the 360-degree camera makes it easier to park and maneuver the vehicle.

Winner: Geely Okavango

Geely Okavango vs GAC GN6 comparison power

Under the hood, both vehicles are powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged motor, but this is where the similarities come to an end as the engine in the GN6 is a 4-cylinder, while the motor in the Okavango is a 3-cylinder. The 1.5 in the GAC MPV produces 170hp and 265 Nm of torque, while the same displacement engine in the Geely makes 190hp and 300 Nm of torque. This gives the Okavango an edge over its rival as it produces 20hp and 35 Nm of torque more than its rival. Transmission options between the two are also vastly different as the GN6 comes with a 6-speed automatic that sends power to the front wheels, while the Okavango has a 7-speed wet DCT.

For this category, we award the win to the Geely Okavango as it can produce more power out of the same displacement engine even while missing one cylinder. It also helps that the Okavango is a mild hybrid which will help you will fuel the economy down the line. 

Winner: Geely Okavango

Geely Okavango vs GAC GN6 rear comparison

As far as pricing is concerned, it becomes hard to determine the winner as the GAC GN6 is only available in one model. The Geely Okavango on the other hand has three variants to choose from, with the most affordable, being more affordable than the GN6 by P142,000. On the other end of the spectrum, the Okavango’s most expensive variant is P128,000 more than the GAC MPV. This puts both vehicles in an awkward situation, but if you compare the Urban variant of the Okavango to the GN6 you will find that it is more affordable by P22,000 which makes the GAC the more expensive model to get as both MPVs are equally equipped in that trim-level. 

While having more variants gives prospective buyers more options to choose from, the single variant of the GAC GN6 is already well equipped. It ultimately boils down to personal preference at this point as P22,000 can make or break your decision especially if you are on a budget. With that said, the win goes to the Okavango as has more choices to choose from and can easily address the needs of those who are on a budget with its more affordable Comfort variant. 

Winner: Geely Okavango

Geely Okavango Urban Plus

Both vehicles present themselves are good value for money options if you are looking to buy an MPV. While the Geely Okavango comes with more options to choose from with its wider variant range, the GAC GN6 offers you more features and captain’s chairs, which is a feature you wouldn’t normally see at its price point. This gives the GAC an edge especially for those who are looking for a comfortable daily family vehicle. The Geely, on the other hand, gives interested buyers more features and tech to choose from, it also helps that it is a mild-hybrid vehicle which will, in turn, help you save more fuel. 

Regardless, the GAC GN6 is the ideal MPV to get if you prioritize comfort and usability as it comes with Apple CarPlay and a much lower loading lip compared to its rival. It is limited to just one variant, but the sole variant already comes well equipped for its price point. 

Ultimately, however, the win goes to the Okavango thanks to its multiple variants that come with a lot of standard equipment between its lineup. Even if the customer goes for the more affordable Comfort model they are still getting a great value for money proposition as it comes with the key features that are also available in the higher tier models. Whichever vehicle you choose, know that both will give you a great value for money proposition. 

Overall winner: Okavango

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