Top 5 most frequently asked questions about cars

Your average Juan might not know too much about cars. If you’re up-to-date on the latest news, specifications, and have a working knowledge about cars, chances are some people approach you from time to time asking you a barrage of questions and expecting an answer. 

So we’ve taken some time to compile a little list of frequently asked questions about cars along with our take on how to we’d answer. We know more questions exist out there, so let us know if we’ve missed anything, or if there is anything more to add. 

Car Salesman

You will not believe how many times we get asked this on a daily basis. The only answer to that is that it depends. Cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different engines, gearboxes, and body styles. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The same goes for you on a personal level.

As such, our answer to this question starts with more questions. When asked, question if the car will be for the person making the inquiry or for someone else. Just like a salesman, you need to ask what the car will be used for. As such, it doesn’t make sense to recommend a family a sports car if that’s going to be their only vehicle. Each consumer will have a different set of preferences so also ask what particular body style or purpose the person asking the question is going to consider. 

Premium Cars

We often get asked if a particular model is a good pick, and honestly, it still depends on who is asking and what the use case will be. Take for instance the Mazda MX-5. It’s a great car for driving and one of our top recommendations based on how fun it is to drive. While that may be our take on the model, the person asking the question might have a different set of preferences. Perhaps they enjoy straight-line speed more than anything else so something like a Kia Stinger or Ford Mustang GT might tickle their fancy more. 

To answer this question, state that it’s your opinion first before making all your wonderful remarks. Also, don’t close the conversation and keep it open-ended. After all, what appeals to you might not be someone else’s cup of tea. So give your input, then direct the question back at them. From there, you can tell them if the car they’re asking about is a good pick for them. 

Ferrari 488

If someone asks you this question, you can give a single answer or you can expand on the topic if the person asking wants to strike up a good conversation with you. 

You may have an all-time favorite car, but you can further expand on this and give a favorite per category. It’s a great way to bring the conversation down to earth because we all know that there are plenty of car guys that want a Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Lamborghini, or any other vehicle that is made from unobtanium. Therefore, think of a list of more obtainable cars that you enjoy. There’s a higher chance that the person asking you this question will be able to relate so you can keep your conversation going, and who doesn’t like a good conversation? 

Car Break down

Frankly, even we can’t give this question a definite answer a hundred percent of the time. A car can be very reliable if it’s looked after well, and even the most reliable cars break down if not taken care of. Just take the Toyota Vios as an example. If you’re not on top of your oil changes, you run the risk of the car breaking on you. Even if it is a Toyota, it’s still a car that required periodic maintenance and a good amount of care. Sometimes it's not your fault, and something was installed wrong from the factory. There are a lot of black boxes when it comes to pinpointing whether a car is reliable or not. Also remember that every car is different and there could be something inherently wrong with how it's been put together. However, we have things like warranties to protect us, failing that the Philippine Lemon Law exists

So to answer a question like this, you might want to make sure that you’re well-informed about a car’s track record. Brush up on things like recalls, warranties, recurring issues, and news on particular models. Even looking at cars that break down on the side of the road will give you an idea. You might be shocked to hear that we’ve seen some Toyotas stalled on the side of the road with their hoods up. 

Road to Baguio, Philippines

This question is native to the Philippines, and more common among the older generation. There was a time when specifications mattered a lot. Back then, cars were fueled with carburetors, which had a tendency to conk out at higher altitudes. That, and cars back then weren’t as powerful and efficient as they are now thanks to electronic fuel injection, engine control units (ECUs), or technology-ridden gearboxes. 

At this point, the question becomes a matter of what car can’t go up Baguio nowadays? Even small hatchbacks are capable enough to make the trip. In that case, a car’s ability to climb up Baguio will depend on how much luggage and how many passengers you’ll be taking along with what car will be used. Still, you’d be surprised just how capable small hatchbacks are even with five passengers and some luggage. Though, don’t expect too much out of them. That being said, more powerful cars will fare better, but small-displacement vehicles are not slouches either. 

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