Suzuki Jimny ideal off-roader

If you want an off-road capable vehicle, the typical choices are either a large SUV or a pickup truck. These can often cost millions as the 4x4 variants are often reserved for the higher-end model. While all of the options available today are great at going on the path less traveled, the pricing can be a turn-off to some. Enter the Suzuki Jimny, a small and affordable SUV that is just as capable as its bigger rivals but only costs a fraction of the price. With that said, here are a couple of reasons why the Jimny is an ideal off-road vehicle.

One of the most important factors that let a vehicle go off-road is its ability to maintain grip and traction over almost any terrain. Thanks to its lightweight and to its All Grip Pro 4x4 terrain management system, the Suzuki Jimny excels well in this field. Despite its rather skinny 195/80/R15 tires, the small SUV can make the most out of the grip these tires give thanks to a brake base LSD traction control system. This makes sure that the correct tires receive the power they need when tackling ruts and awkward angles and ensures that the power that the engine has isn’t wasted on a wheel that doesn’t have grip.

On top of this, the Suzuki Jimny is also equipped with a 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil springs that help give the vehicle a bit of flexibility off-road, helping keep its tires on the ground. Aside from these features, the small Suzuki SUV has a lower range 4WD transfer gear that helps it maintain traction almost over any surface and lets it crawl almost over any terrain. 

Suzuki Jimny side profile

Another key factor that helps a vehicle go off-road especially when it comes to tougher terrain is generous approach and departure angles. The Suzuki Jimny has a 37º approach angle, a 49º departure angle, and a break-over angle of 28º. This lets the small Suzuki SUV take on ruts and rocks with relative ease as the wheels are typically the first to hit the object in front instead of the bumper. This also eases the fear of being stuck and high centered on an obstacle as the Jimny has a short wheelbase. This makes it a nimble SUV especially when going on the path less traveled. 

Suzuki Jimny exterior

In relation to its great approach and departure angles, the Suzuki Jimny also sports a good amount of ground clearance. While 210 mm might not seem like a lot on paper, it is important to remember that the Suzuki SUV comes with a short wheelbase. As previously mentioned, this helps it avoid being stuck on obstacles as the wheels are much closer together. 

Suzuki Jimny engine bay

While the Suzuki Jimny may not have the most powerful engine option available on the market, the K15B does come with enough power for the light and compact SUV. The 1.5-liter motor produces 100 hp and 130 Nm of torque. It may not seem like a lot on paper, but it is important to note that the SUV is small and only weighs 1,435 kg which is light compared to its much heavier and bigger contemporaries. With its 130 Nm of torque and nimble nature, its engine is more than enough to get the vehicle up and over almost any obstacles it might encounter.

Suzuki Jimny visibility

Having great visibility is another important factor when it comes to choosing the right vehicle to go off-road. The Suzuki Jimny fits the bill well as it comes with great viewing angles from the driver’s seat. You have a wide windshield at the front flanked on either side by large windows. This lets the driver have a great view of what’s in front and what is on either side of the vehicle.

modified Suzuki Jimny

Aside from the standard kit that the Jimny carries, it is also a great platform to build on thanks to good aftermarket support. This lets the owner of a Jimny customize their vehicle to their liking with parts that will fit the vehicle without the need to modify them. Modifications such as bigger tires and wheels can easily be done as the Suzuki SUV comes with large wheel wells. Aside from this other options are available such as electrical winches to get you out of sticky situations and underbody protection for rougher off-road sections. 

Overall, thanks to its compact form factor, the Suzuki Jimny presents itself as a balanced off-roader that is also affordable. It comes with all the right features needed to go off-road and is also a great chassis to build upon if you want to tackle even tougher terrain. 

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