2020 Chery Tiggo 5x which variant

Chery Philippines has recently made its comeback into the country with its brand relaunch as well as the introduction of its Tiggo line of crossovers. With its return into the local automotive market, the automaker has brought in the Chery Tiggo 5X. It acts as the middle model in the brand’s current lineup coming in with an attractive price point and comes packed with features. 

The crossover enters the local market with three variants and two variations. It comes in the with two automatic variants and one manual transmission version. As for its trim-levels, you have the regular variants and the luxury model. For the sake of naming, we shall call the regular variants by their transmission options AT and MT, while retaining the variant name of the Luxury model.

2020 Chery Tiggo 5x badge

The regular trim-level of the Chery Tiggo 5X comes with two transmission options, a 5-speed manual, and a CVT. Regardless of which trim level you choose from they are all powered by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine that produces 114hp and 141 Nm of torque. Admittedly not a lot on paper with a weight of between 1,275 to 1,321 kgs it's more than enough to get the crossover going.

For the manual transmission (MT) version of the crossover, you already get a lot of features and functionality from its P818,000 price point. It sets the standard for the model range as many of these features to come with it straight out of the factory. The Chery Tiggo 5X MT comes with ABS with EBD, Hill Assist control, traction control, emergency brake assist, dynamic reverse image, cruise control, and a tire pressure monitoring system as standard. Other safety features include dual front airbags, an electronic anti-theft system, ISOFIX interface, and an engine immobilizer.

While these features may seem like a lot, it is important to note that the MT regular trim-level comes with fabric seats, a 4-way manually adjustable driver’s seat and a normal 2-DIN radio with a four-speaker sound system.

2020 Chery Tiggo 5x at

Moving up a tier you have the Chery Tiggo 5X AT. While the vehicle is identical in looks to its manual transmission counterpart there have been added features to further help justify the increase in price. The Tiggo 5X crossover in its automatic transmission form comes with a price tag of P860,000, just P42,000 more than its shift it yourself manual gearbox counterpart. While the AT variant is technically under the same trim-level as the manual it does offer you a lot more features.

The regular AT variant comes with the added bonus of an electronic parking brake with auto hold, auto climate control, keyless entry with tailgate unlock, and 6-way manually adjustable driver’s seat. It also ditches the fabric seat material and opts for leather woven instead. For added convenience, this variant also comes with multifunction steering wheel controls as well as a 9-inch HD capacitive touchscreen infotainment system that gives it Bluetooth and smartphone mirroring capabilities. It also retains the same convenience and safety features of the regular entry-level manual variant. 

With that said the regular entry-level automatic variant already presents itself as the ideal value for money package in the Tiggo 5X lineup. Not only does it come with a price tag that is under P900,000 it also comes with some of the important features already found in the Luxury model.

2020 Chery Tiggo 5x luxury AT

While maintaining the same looks like the regular entry-level variants the Chery Tiggo 5X Luxury brings a little bit more to the table in terms of features. Unlike the other variants, it comes with a bigger set of 17-inch wheels that come with 215/55 series tires. It also comes with an electronic parking brake with auto hold. It also comes with automatic climate control, a 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat as well as power-folding side mirror with turn signals and heaters. A push to start function is also available with the vehicle. Multi-function steering wheel controls are also available with the crossover. While the normal automatic version of the Chery Tiggo 5X does come with leather seats the Luxury version adds a little bit more to it coming in with leather seats.

While the Chery Tiggo 5X Luxury costs P950,000 it does live up to the additional P90,000 over the similarly equipped regular automatic variant. It also comes with rare features in its category such as passive entry, remote start, and power window control all from the keyfob. A nice touch for the top of the line model.

2020 Chery Tiggo 5x

For the Chery Tiggo 5X, it is a case of Goldilocks and the three bears. Each one of the variants comes with their own pros and cons, but one was able to stand out presenting itself as just the right amount of value for its price point.

The happy medium in the bunch is the Chery Tiggo 5X AT. Not only does it come with a price tag under P900,000 it also comes with similar features of that found on the top of the line Luxury trim-level. It is important to note that you do lose out on a few power features such as the electrically adjustable driver’s seat, luxurious leather seat material, and the heated mirrors but on its own, the AT trim-level comes feature-packed. Sure you might not get other features such as remote start and power window controls from your keyfob, but these are functions that do not take anything away from the capabilities of the Tiggo 5X if they aren’t present.

Of course, if your budget is limited and don't mind having a shift yourself gearbox then the MT version of the Tiggo 5X could be for you. While it is the entry-level model and compromises have been made to keep its affordable price tag it is by no means under-equipped for the price you are getting it at.

If however, you want all the bells and whistles and are willing to pay the added P90,000 cost over the AT variant for the Luxury variant then it is also a worthwhile purchase. Not only do you get bigger wheels and tires, but you also get access to convenience features that are not found in vehicles in the same category as the Chery Tiggo 5X.

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