Kia K2500

When looking for a commercial vehicle, you will probably want something that comes with a great amount of space, a reliable diesel powerplant, and a lot of variants to choose from to better suit your business needs. With that said, the Kia K2500 is a prime choice for those looking for a fairly large but manageable vehicle that comes with a wide selection of variants to choose from, that comes with a powerful yet efficient diesel engine, and 4x4 variants to choose from.

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Kia K2500 Kargo

The Kia K2500 along with its mechanical twin the Hyundai H-100 is one of the bigger light commercial vehicles you can get on the market today. It measures around 4,825 mm in length, 1,740 mm in width, and 1,955 mm in width just as its single cab and chassis variant. If you want to get a different rear body for the vehicle, these measurements will change. Nonetheless, it's still a versatile vehicle that can be adapted to your business needs quite easily.

Kia K2500 interior

When people think of a commercial vehicle, they don’t normally think of the driving experience. It is after all a workhorse first and foremost so comfort and driveability aren’t normally on the top of the list.  In the case of the Kia K2500, it's a different matter. Amongst all the commercial vehicles we tested the K2500 was by far one of the easiest to drive. The clutch wasn’t too heavy or too light, the gear shifter was easy to use and the throw wasn’t too long. The steering feel was also great and was also nicely weighted. It is heavy enough for highway stability and light enough for city maneuverability. If you plan on getting a commercial vehicle for business that you plan to drive yourself, then a Kia K2500 should be on your list.

Kia K2500 variants

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to getting a commercial vehicle. You will want a vehicle that can do a little bit of everything in a well-balanced manner. Luckily the Kia K2500 is ready to answer that call as it can be had in multiple variants. If you are looking for an enclosed cargo area, the K2500 is made available in a closed van variant and you can even go with its Kargo model if you want something a little different. If you want a crew hauler with a 4x4 system, the double cab 4x4 option is there as well. If you want a pickup truck-like layout the Dropside option is also available for you to choose from. All in all the Kia K2500 offers you a great number of variants to choose from all of which can be adapted to your business needs.

Engine shot

At the heart of the Kia K2500 is a 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 128 hp and 255 Nm of torque. This is sent to all four wheels or just to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. While its power figures may not seem like much especially compared to SUVs or crossovers with the same engine displacement, it matches well with the body and the use case of the vehicle. These engines after all are meant to last and are meant to take on the rigors of being a workhorse vehicle. 

During our testing of the K2500, we were able to get 10 km/L in the city with a light cargo load and about 15 km/L on the highway. Altogether pretty great fuel efficiency figures for a commercial vehicle. 

Kia K2500 off-road

If you want a more capable commercial vehicle that you can take to the farm or through unpaved roads, then the 4x4 variants of the Kia K2500 are there to answer that need.  Other commercial vehicles available on the market typically come available only as 4x2 models giving the Kia commercial vehicle an edge in the market.

It is available as a dual-cab variant, a Kargo model, a Karga model, and a dual cab with a dropside model. These variants are best paired with a good set of off-road tires if you do plan to take them on the path less traveled. Do take note that despite being 4x4 there are no locking differentials available for the K2500 locally. You can request for the dealership to have them installed but this will come with an additional cost and more customized parts.

Overall, what makes the Kia K2500 a great commercial vehicle is its ease of use, its large but manageable dimensions, and the plethora of variants you can utilize to fit your business needs. On top of this, it also comes with a powerful diesel engine that is easy to use and economical as well. 

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