Suzuki Ertiga Sport

A practical offering by Suzuki, the Ertiga is one of the more affordable small MPVs on offer from the Japanese manufacturer. Sporting a new look, Suzuki seeks to augment its newest model with a body kit that could bring would-be buyers over to the darkside to splurge on such a unit. 

Given similar treatment to the Mobilio RS edition, the Ertiga dons a new set of additions that extend the lines of the bumper, side profile, and rear clip of the vehicle. The new Sport variant of the Ertiga is such a model to carry these new additions. Exterior modifications are the only part of the package that we can see has been added, as no mechanical changes can be found under the hood. 

Taking a look at the new Ertiga Sport and you can see that that Suzuki has added a new front lip to extend the bumper. While the Ertiga already looks presentable to most, the front lip adds to the lines of the bumper, definitely extending the look of the redesigned front. The side also gets the same treatment as the front, with a skirt that adds extra lines to the profile of the MPV. Lastly, the rear receives a new rear diffuser that comes with a silver accent at the very bottom of the car. A spoiler is added to the tailgate to complete the overall look of the vehicle. 

The interior is lifted from the Ertiga’s Black Edition, sporting trims and fittings that are found on the previously mentioned model. Blacked out materials and some faux-wood trim are present in this model. 

Looking at this model of the Ertiga makes us wonder if the new one really needs all these additions. While definitely not an absolute head turner on the road, the new Ertiga is decently styled and appears more modern and mature compared to its last generation. The angular lines adorned with nothing is already surprisingly adequate for most people. For those left wanting by the Ertiga’s restyle, maybe this will help, but there is a catch.

The Ertiga Sport is only available in the Indonesian market. No word on availability here though. It might be a long shot but could Suzuki’s sporty edition be inching its way here to the Philippines? Honestly we don’t know. The styling is nothing to write home about for us, but if it’s available then only the buyer will decide whether it deserves their hard earned pesos. 

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