A 7-seater Ford Escape is in the works

A few years back, the Ford Escape was suddenly diminished from the brand’s local lineup, while other markets still get the renowned nameplate. Upon recalling, the blue oval released its fourth-generation model, with the Escape featuring a sportier exterior and interior layout, along with a range of powerful engines. Now it has been more than a year already since its first debut, and there is a report from US-based website, Ford Authority, saying that the brand is working on a 7-seater Ford Escape. 

Its exterior styling is said to be carried over from the shorter wheelbase model. As expected, this upcoming three-row model shall benefit from a longer wheelbase along with a more traditional roofline, which should supposedly reward its passengers with more ample space for both legroom and headroom compared to its two-row counterpart. 

2021 Ford Escape interior back seats

Like the exterior, its cabin shall also carry over the familiar layout from the 5-seat escape. The biggest change inside would definitely be the addition of a third-row. Access to those two extra seats at the back are aided by the sliding second-row seats, which are already available in the two-row model. 

Likewise, this 7-seater version shall share the same Ford C2 platform that also underpins the 2020 Ford Escape. As for its powertrain, existing options from the short wheelbase model should be carried over, including a 2.0-liter turbo engine and a 1.5-liter turbo engine, both of these mills can be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.  However, we might expect some slight tweaking for its power figures given that this is indeed a bigger vehicle. Aside from that, Ford might also release a Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid variant that’s synonymous with its two-row version.

The 7-seat Ford Escape shall cater to larger families given the extra space it has. With the increased dimensions, this long-wheelbase crossover shall tackle bigger competitors like the Mazda CX-8. As for its timeline, it is said that Ford Motor Company is planning a European launch in 2022. 

Up until now, our hopes are still not kept high, given that the Escape might not come here anytime soon. Positively speaking, this 7-seat version should open greater opportunities for the Escape, especially here in our country wherein Filipinos do love 7-seaters. That said, we’re still crossing our fingers, as this should be a good addition to the brand’s local model lineup. 

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