Ford Philippines New Model 2020

Ford Philippines is releasing an all-new model for the Philippine market this November 27, 2019. An invite has been sent in by the brand to remind us to mark the occasion. The invite features an obscure image of a Ford vehicle’s grille. We can only speculate so much, but thankfully we have the internet, so here are our guesses. 

Ford Kuga/Escape

Ford has a subcompact crossover in the Philippines in the form of the EcoSport, but it currently does not have a compact-size SUV/Crossover counterpart. The teaser image could have been placed there in order to mislead us, but perhaps a lower variant is in the works, with a high-end model poised to take center stage.

Though, we don’t know about this since the model has just been released this year in the United States. It could be a little too soon for the Philippines to be getting it so soon. 

Ford Edge

The grille of the new Kuga/Escape may seem a bit far-fetched, but the Edge is closer to what the teaser image suggests. The shape is there, and checking Ford U.S. website reveals that there is a base model with a grille similar to the one in the image. There is a possibility that this may make its way into the local Ford lineup

This midsize crossover offering has not yet been made available to the Philippine market, but it could be, seeing as more manufacturers are beginning to offer the body type as a more refined alternative to an SUV. 

Ford Transit Connect

Perhaps we were wrong in guessing that it was a crossover. Perhaps Ford is going big or going home with this new launch. In the market, there are multiple offerings for people carriers, ranging from small MPVs, minivans, full-size vans and finally, minibusses. Ford has no entry into this segment yet, and we haven’t heard anything about the release of a large vehicle. A secret that big shouldn’t be easy to keep? But if this is the model we can expect to see in late November, then it could signal a new beginning for the brand. 

The overarching theme of the invite is “Taking Mobility Further”, so it could mean a few things. Perhaps it refers to the refinement and fuel economy? Perhaps the car they are launching allows you to go further than ever. Or perhaps it is referencing how many people can ride at a single given time? 

Anyway, let’s see what else we can dig up before the launch event, seeing as Ford is a little hush-hush about the whole situation. What we can assure you, however, is that one of the vehicles mentioned above will make it to our shores.

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