Samson Sky Switchblade

Do you remember the time you just type in ‘rocketman’ when you wanted to fly in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? The good old days, huh? The freedom of being able to circle the whole map and land on top of the buildings? We can still feel the fulfillment of watching the sunset on top of the tallest building in Los Santos. 

Oops, we got a little carried away but that was our closest experience to flying a personally-controlled machine. Fast forward to today, Americans, even customers from all over the world, are already lined up to being the first ones to get their hands on what seems to be a very promising machine – a flying car. This time, it isn’t just a risky jetpack but a life-size car – which, sadly, isn’t any near to looking like the flying Ford Anglia in the Harry Potter movie.

Samson Sky, a dedicated company for flying, roadable cars, claimed to have received its 800th reservation position for the Switchblade flying car. The reservations come from 24 countries, as well as from 46 of the 50 states in U.S. Is this the most popular flying car in the world? Be Samson Sky’s guest and judge.

"We are at the point now of having to increase the size of our planned initial production facility to keep up with the growing demand we are receiving for the Switchblade."

Basically, the Switchblade is a three-wheel bullet-shaped automobile that looks like a front-end of a fighter jet. There are retractable wings on the side skirts, as well as rear spoilers that transform to rear wing. Looks like we found ourselves a new Batmobile base, no? Quick, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce’s going to be needing this for his business meeting and crime fighting. 

The flying sports car is equipped with a ducted fan pusher engine. This protects people from being harmed by the powerful propeller when the vehicle’s on the ground, and gives the vehicle a stylish exterior at the same time.

It’s a revolutionary concept, though not entirely groundbreaking since flying cars have been envisioned years and years ago. Despite being accepted as concept, the Switchblade does pose a problem. Flying cars are not the thing yet, meaning there are notably few of them, given that its era is just starting. The Switchblade is regarded to as a motorcycle by the U.S. Department of Transportation due to having only three wheels. Also, there are insufficient infrastructures—landing pods or strips to be exact—for the vehicle to use. 

Imagine the significant amount of travel duration you can cut with this thing. No more late time-ins, no more traffic jams, and no more road constructions obstructing an entire lane. How many years are we going to count before we see one here? Yes, here in the Philippines. Well, with a P6,468,060 ($120,000) price tag, and the fact that it needs a place to land or take off, the chances of seeing one might still be low right now.

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