Audi Pop.Up Next flying car

Remember when we thought that flying cars can only be seen in sci-fi movies? Well, the German automaker Audi, engineering company Italdesign, and aircraft manufacturer Airbus have presented an electrical vehicle (EV) that might revolutionize the future of mobility: the Pop.Up Next concept. 

The Pop.Up Next is not just your typical EV, because it’s designed to fly. It’s a two-seater passenger cabin that can be attached either to a car module or to a flight module. This futuristic modular system has a huge quadcopter that’s capable of moving the capsule and passengers up in the sky. Cool.

Moving inside, it’s integrated with eye-bulging 49-inch screen that can interact with humans, all thanks to its speech and face recognition, eye-tracking, and a touch function. 

This modular concept intends to carry people in cities, be it on the road or in the air, as well as to reduce the traffic congestion. This might just be a concept for now, but with how fast technology advances day by day, a flying car wouldn’t be that impossible, don’t you think? Next thing we know, we would be having a hard time figuring out if the thing floating in the sky is a drone or a flying car. 

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