Art Fair 2019

Concluding its sixth year last February 24, 2019, Art Fair Philippines showcased the best of Filipino creativity and artistry. AC Automotive, an Ayala company that holds the distributorship for Volkswagen, Kia, and KTM, makes its entry into the show with the modern artist, Ian Carlo Jaucian’s work, “Car Keys.” 

The naming scheme of the artwork is appropriate. Thought it does not look like actual car keys, a quick analysis would reveal something else. Cars embody precision and technology in today’s digital age. The “keys” used is not referring to the metal bit that is inserted into the ignition – or pocket if you are used to keyless entry – but the term in music. Whereas cars are cold and calculated, music injects passion into life. 

Car Keys

Jaucian’s work features a gramophone concept built from a repurposed car wheel. A visual piece, as well as an auditory piece, the artwork brings together the harmonious visual design and music through data.

Art Fair

The artwork by Jaucian utilizes an infrared sensor to measure small topographical differences on the outer surface of the rim. A microcontroller processes the information, assigns it to ASCII numbers, which are then translated to key presses that produce digital music. 

Jaucian’s “Car Keys” utilizes how passion can drive the cold and rigid calculated precision of automotive engineering. “Data art” or “Digital Melody infuses numbers and tech with human emotions to incite an emotional response with whoever wishes to view it. 

The Art Fair PH exhibits and sells modern and contemporary visual art. The prestigious event allows enthusiasts to discover Southeast Asia’s art landscape, hosted by AC Automotive. Apart from the aforementioned brands, the company also boasts the largest dealer network for both Isuzu and Honda. Across all brands, it manages 92 dealerships in total, with 27 being owned by AC Automotive.

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