Nissan BladeGlider

The reign of combustion engines may soon meet its maker as electric vehicles continue to fascinate auto manufacturers. Giving a glimpse of the future is the BladeGlider, which is Nissan’s all-electric sports car. 

First introduced last year, the BladeGlider features the Japanese brand’s zero emission technology and innovative automotive design. If you stare at it, you might consider that it came from a different planet or a vehicle designed for a sci-fi movie.   

To demonstrate that the BladeGlider is not just for show, Nissan enlisted it to run through the Goodwood Hillclimb at this year’s Festival of Speed. The Goodwood Hillclimb is an event that highlights the latest road cars.

Nissan opted to bring the BladeGlider at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to show its latest development in regards to electric and zero-emission technology.

“As a pioneer of the electric vehicle movement, Nissan wants to get people excited about the future of zero-emission technology, and the Nissan BladeGlider does just that. Goodwood has been a world-famous showcase for many an iconic sports car over the years, so we could think of no better place to bring the BladeGlider out to play.”

The BladeGlider is powered by lithium ion 220kW battery that allows the vehicle to put out 268 hp and 707 Nm of torque. Nissan claims that it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds and has a top speed of 190 km/h.

Check out the video posted below to know more about the Nissan BladeGlider.

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