Clean and Glide

Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, introduces another breakthrough to their signature additive package – the all-new Techron with Clean & Glide technology.

The Techron technology has been a game-changer when it was released back in 2006 for its engine cleaning components. Now, this new Clean & Glide technology further improves its effectiveness as it reduces friction between metal surfaces within the engine. Thus, it prevents wear and tear to enhance engine protection, improve fuel economy, and maximize power with continued use.

CPI says they conducted several laboratory tests and 600,000 km or real-world fleet tests to support this claim and to ensure that the new product will deliver optimum results for their patrons.

It was proven in the High-Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) laboratory test – a standard diesel lubricity test – that the new formulation protects the engine reducing metal wear and friction by an average of 38% and 41%, respectively. This further improves fuel economy as well by up to 3% when compared to the previous formulation. Though, it retains its Euro-4 classification which is good news.

The addition of our new Clean & Glide technology stays true to the evolving nature of our Techron fuel offering. Our products are continuously being improved in anticipation of future engine technology and local market needs. For motorists, a quick Caltex stop now delivers gasoline grades that help treat their respective cars right, providing additional benefits without compromise,” said Peter Morris, country chair of CPI.

The all-new Techron with Clean & Glide technology gasoline is now available at Caltex service stations. For faster results, motorists can opt for Caltex Platinum with Techron. It has 50% more additives with Clean & Glide technology. It’s set to replace the outgoing Gold variant of gasoline while maintaining its price range.

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