chevrolet colorado centennial

Chevrolet Philippines drops a not-so-subtle hint that they are bringing in the Centennial Edition of the  Colorado midsize pickup truck. They are mum on details, of course, except for the image they sent — the blue throwback version of their famous bowtie badge alongside the words “100 YEARS.”

The Centennial Edition of Chevrolet trucks has been launched in the US to commemorate the 100 years of these American vehicles, and to solidify the nameplates as dependable workhorses for the family that withstood time.

To give you an idea of what the Colorado Centennial Edition would look like, here’s what the US version of the Colorado and Silverado trucks:

Mind you, these US versions are completely different models from what we have here. Nevertheless, the design theme should give you the idea.

Just look at the color scheme of the centennial edition throwback badge. It looks sassy and classy, matching the Centennial Blue exterior paint job. We just hope the local version would look just as striking.

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