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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has recently announced that it will not be fining motorists who have cars that do not have RFID stickers by December 1, 2020. However, the government agency stated that the no-penalty period will only last over the Christmas season. It is important to note that there have been no specific dates mentioned as to when the no penalty period will end. We assume, however, that this means that by 2021 motorists who enter the expressway and end up in the RFID toll booth without the said device will be penalized.

It is important to note that the December 1, 2020 deadline is for the expressways and not for the motorists. Installation sites will still be up and running long past the deadline, ensuring that all motorists will get access to an RFID sticker for their vehicle. These installation sites will still be positioned at entry points to all expressways and roadshows will still also happen to further add convenience. 

During its 2021 budgetary meeting with the Senate dated November 17, 2020, the DOTr assured the government that it will not be imposing penalties within the given Christmas season period. However, what was not mentioned during the discussion was what the exact fine would be for motorists who are caught without RFID when the fully cashless tollway system becomes fully implemented. The DOTr officials were not able to give an immediate response when they were questioned by senators about it. Their response was, “Iniisip pa nila” or they are still thinking about it.

With the exact fine still in deliberation, this buys motorists a little more time to get the RFID devices they need to traverse the expressways. Currently, certain installation sites for both Autosweep and EasyTrip are on an appointment basis, however, there are still some that do accept walk-ins. We highly recommend checking out both cashless service provider’s social media sites for updates with regards to walk-in sites as well as to roadshows that they have planned.

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