Ford EcoSport

Ford Philippines reported to have sold 2,361 units for the entire month of April 2017. The brand claimed that this performance was widely led by 3 of its nameplates, namely EcoSport, Ranger, and the Everest.

The EcoSport, the brand's entry in the compact crossover segment, performed well as it notched a 4% increased in year-over-year sales. Ford was able to sell 866 units of its crossover, raising its January to April sales to 3,333 vehicles or 25% compared to the same period last year. This is further observed in AutoDeal's Online Vehicle Sales Summary for April, where it placed 3rd for our most popular buys. 

Another key contributor is the Ranger, which generated 731 units sold for this month. This adds to its year-to-date sales, which it elevated to 2,884 sold units or a 13% increase compared from January to April of 2016. This is supported by our sales summary as both the Ranger and EcoSport earned the Most Popular Purchase title for each of their respective segments on our April data. 

Meanwhile, Ford claims that the Everest remains seated as its top-selling model. This is because it has the biggest number in terms of vehicle sales from January to April. It amassed a sales output of 3,568 units, wherein 848 of this were from this month. 

The market fundamentals remain strong, and our outlook through the remainder of the year is optimistic as we work with our dealers to continue delivering world-class Ford vehicles and further enhance our overall customer and ownership experience,” said Ford Philippines Managing Director Lance Mosley. 

On the other hand, Ford’s North American-built models also pushed the company's sales performance. Among the vehicles that  performed well is the Explorer, which sales grew by 13% from last year. The Mustang coupe also did well as the brand was able to deliver 24 of its units to customers.

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