Ford Driving Skill for Life

What makes a person a great driver? Well, it’s not measured by how fast you arrive from point A to point B. It’s about getting to your destination safely, without violating any rules and harming other people. To educate more drivers and soon-to-be-drivers, Ford Philippines brought its safe driving program at the City Time Square in Iloilo City for the first time.

With the Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program, the American marque aims to teach drivers the essential driving skills to lessen road accidents, as well as driving techniques to save fuel. The best thing about this program? The training is offered for free.

More than 400 private and public utility drivers joined the DSFL program and trained through classroom sessions, where the attendees were given new modules on vehicle handling, driving conditions, anti-distracted driving, and fuel-efficient driving. To apply what they learned during the classroom training, there’s a hands-on driving simulation exercise as well.

Now on Its 11th year, Ford’s Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program has also covered key provinces such as Pampanga, Batangas, Cebu, and Davao. As such, they were also able to reach almost 3,000 driver participants nationwide.

Last year, DSFL poured their attention to public utility vehicles (PUV) drivers such as bus, jeepney, school bus, taxi, and Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) drivers to impart knowledge about safe and responsible driving.

The DSFL program is Ford’s way of sharing knowledge and spreading awareness to all the drivers out there, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open just in case Ford PH goes to your area.

“The DSFL has definitely come a long way in helping promote road safety and safe driving in the Philippines, so we’re definitely inspired year after year to think of ways to improve the training program and extend the reach to more Filipino drivers. We’re happy to be bringing the program to Iloilo to help maintain safe roads and create a community of safe drivers and passengers there.”

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